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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope (September 27-October 3).


Your life flashes before your eyes like a play

There's a reason why you're stuck in your soul

Mercury retrogrades in Pioneer sign As of September 28, innovations that will both affect your social life and your environment will await you. No rest on busy days for the work, love, education trio If you haven't been happy with your job for a while, the news you've been waiting for will finally start to appear. If you are not sure about the part you won, you will realize that you are affected by the environment. Mercury influence will also govern issues such as friendships, family friendships, work-related environment, elders, siblings. Glamor, the days of increasing attractiveness…

You will follow important developments in your career

The Mercury-Pluto square occurring on October 1 will express some people to reevaluate to break their prejudices. You can control yourself both passionately and emotionally. You may also need to be mindful of your style when submitting your requests. Constantly remembering and reminding what happened between you years ago may not be good for this relationship. You can take part in a lively meeting or organization on Thursday. You start to listen to the gossip Balances in the family will be asked from you

Tips of the week:

You want to take care of your beauty by using your relationships these days that add a fascinating feature to you.