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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly Horoscope (September 27-October 3).


You can feel free as you are not, it will give you momentum

The weight you feel on is going away

Mercury retrograde affects most of this week Your family will be at the forefront, you will list the issues you need to collect. In particular, if there are certain ongoing hostilities regarding the father's family, resolutions may occur in these areas. You can focus on issues such as sales, tenders, bank loans. Just a little patience!

You will watch your demeanor

Nobody can get you out of the house these days. You will prefer to spend time in an environment where you find peace, and to share your home environment with your friends. However, your expenses will increase without your control. You may need to be careful about this. A different agenda will begin for Taurus who have children Their education, health, special needs and demands can occupy their agenda separately. You will have opportunities to leave successful impressions on international issues. You won't hold yourself back this time

Agenda of the week:

If you don't want the same things to happen again, you shouldn't make hasty decisions about love. Special days!