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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope (October 4-10).


You are in a week where you will lay the foundations for many issues in your life.

To discover new things…

You are in the ideal period to throw off the burdens. On October 6, the New Moon will be positioned in the leading sign. Abundance, luck, growth, exaggeration on the one hand, you have an influence that fuels foreign issues If you are an Aquarius with a chance to go abroad, the questions in your mind will start to become clear. If you are an Aquarius living or working abroad, your ideas about returning may change.

Venus is changing direction!

The planet representing the order will take its place in the variable of the fire sign on October 7th. This location is for Aquarius signs; can mean group work, activity, large communities, seminars, education, consensus building foundations, associations, clubs Here, dear Aquarius signs will be running a lot, directing a lot, they will be very knowledgable.

If you are a student, the subject of abroad opportunities may become clear. If you are a higher education Aquarius, you will be able to improve your luck with scholarships and individual support. You will reunite with your old friends for a reason

Good weeks…