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Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Horoscope (October 4-10).


Whoever, how, why is upsetting them, you will not hesitate to choose a side against them.

Logic or emotions?

You are overly sensitive about being careful and flexible on the first days of the week. Mercury-Jupiter 120 on October 4th allows you to let go of unnecessary worries and delusions. As you start the week with this angle, you will meet the necessary needs in communication in your work, school and duties. There may be productive contacts for those who want to expand their business. If you are a student, the new environment and friends can be enjoyable.

Reputation is at the forefront…

On October 7, Venus in fire sign can raise feelings of goodwill, self-assurance. However, it may come up on issues that you do not dare.

If you want to talk to your partner and part ways, the sky can host tense conversations. On the one hand, there is a sky that allows you to gain strength, to be results in pending work If you are a single Cancer, you may not want to be alone anymore, you may consider taking your existing relationship to a different dimension.

Good weeks…