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Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Weekly Horoscope (October 4-10).


Although it is difficult to adapt to the weather of autumn, it is very difficult from the beginning.

Your financial expectations may be in order

New Moon occurs in your sign Your personal traits, your self, your image, almost everything goes through a revision. You gain importance in the communities where you will be in private people and private places. You'll be ready for big meetings The New Moon will show that you have a chance in the works you are waiting for, watching and even prolonging. You may encounter authoritarian figures in the family. A new era will begin in terms of business and profession

Letting life flow

From the first half of the week, Venus of the ruling planet will be effective in fire sign. The current state of economic conditions, conditions, partnerships, customers, family accumulation will be on the agenda with the effect of Venus.

You will need to balance your social environment and family order. If you're a Libra who takes criticism from your partner because of your friendships, their true motives may come to light. If you're a married Libra, you may find that your partner's feelings suddenly change direction. Your emotions may be mixed, but your skills may be high.

Good weeks…