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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope (October 11-17).


I can tell that your emotional wars are over

You will test your patience

On October 12, Saturn, which has been retrograde for a while, enters its straight course. This week's agenda points to a new cycle waiting for you. Your individual decisions, personal preferences, limited issues, slow-moving jobs, former bosses, issues that you have a say in will be on your agenda. The side of you who can't come to the press will shine these days

If you are a single Aquarius, your social circle is expanding, you will meet new people. If you are a married Aquarius, you will have more detailed and candid statements from your desires to daily life. If you are an Aquarius sign who has just started university, you may have trouble adjusting from the place you will stay to the new city you live in.

Your desperation will end

Solar-Jupiter 120 will occur on October 5 You will be able to give clear reactions to the hasty behavior of those around you. The silence you've been cloaked in will end You will regain your self-confidence among your friends In particular, you can develop reactions that will mark your love life and marriage. Connecting your tension to other reasons may cause disconnection between your friends. Surgery, aesthetics, physical weakness can lead to a healthy weekend.