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Aries Weekly Horoscope

Aries Weekly Horoscope (October 11-17).


You realize that your life has undergone a drastic change.

Important steps in career lifeā€¦

You have to be ready for a crowded agenda As Saturn enters its straight course on October 12, your teachings and exams against your groups, classes, and friends will continue. The intensity of the work and the crowded situation also concern your environment and colleagues. Towards the middle of the week, you come to the fore in bilateral relations. You will prefer to be a listener to overcome the distance between you and your friends.

You are ready to watch!

Being in a tense mood will mean getting away from your daily routine from time to time. Saturn's teachings will include rebellious teenagers, troubled friends, disloyal friends, and your struggling side.

If you are a university student, different groups and student societies may interest you If you're a socially interrupted Aries sign, you may have some difficulty engaging with new formations. If you're in a relationship that is deemed unconstitutional by society, you will listen to people's criticism calmly.