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Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Horoscope (October 11-17).


You are in an important period for you to find yourself, understand and discover what you want.

You will listen to the voice of your heart

You are in a period where you act not only emotionally but also in a logical sequence. As Saturn enters its flat course on October 12; will enable you to accelerate your teaching, demonstrating, expressive, intuitive, passionate, purpose-oriented work You will keep away from people who make you overly sensitive, sensitive.

You shouldn't take setbacks seriously!

In the first days of the week, the sky agenda interests you very closely. That's why I can say that it will make a lively start to the week. However, you may find it difficult to adapt for a few days when your head is quite full. But after October 14, you will pay attention to what is said

If you are able to postpone important meetings, you may need to delay negotiations based on persuasion. You may encounter sudden disruptions, momentary disruptions related to technological devices. If you're a Cancer with a girlfriend, you may have a hard time expressing yourself to her. Married Cancers will change course to purify passionate jealousy.

During these times, you may need to pay attention to your sleep pattern, eating habits, and physical energy. New questions can be added to the crazy questions in your mind against the people you are distant from in the family