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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope (October 11-17).


Emotions such as mood swings, impatience, curiosity can trigger each other.

You are leaving behind the most difficult process of being a Leo.

You're giving yourself a deep breath this week Saturn finally goes straight As of October 12, in its opposite sign, it expands the field of action for marriages, relationships, agreements, reconciliations, commercial unions.

If you're a Leo with a girlfriend or married, you'll find that you can impress your partner with the bold decisions you make. In addition to shopping and order, routine issues, you will be able to focus on your living space, work and travels. Your sociability, self, physical appearance will reach the highest level you will like to be liked

The transformative power of October…

The influence of Saturn rising in your opposite sign will be with you; will mark special periods for work, career, personal growth, individual preferences, divorce, separation, agreements Tensions at the beginning of the week can be resolved as of October 15; at least you can explain your reasons to the other party in a reasonable way Your pointy tongue can cause you to be misunderstood at times You can learn the details that no one knows from your relatives who have come to the end of the relationship.