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Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Weekly Horoscope (October 11-17).


It's not too late to express yourself and create space for yourself

You have a clear path, but you also have concerns.

This week you will want to listen to yourself, to be yourself, but it will not be that easy. An unsettled debt, a pending sale of a house, an undivided family plot, will emphasize the need to keep running. You can make an effort so that the issues you neglect do not cause a headache. Saturn, which fixes the month of October, will concern your anxieties, fears, health, the areas you serve and receive service as it enters its straight course on October 12.

The sky keeps pushing

For a long time, the sky will continue to trigger the tendency to escape, to trigger inner troubles and pessimism, to force tolerance against the responsibilities and routine of daily life. Especially the spouse or beloved family can be on the agenda at once.

Relationships and loves take a deep breath this week in October You will question everything, good and bad, and you will agree with your co-workers. You will care about your health There may be diseases from the past among the subjects you neglect. You are in a period when you are attentive to service areas, supporters, and those you support.