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Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Horoscope (October 18-24).


You never stop keeping your hopes fresh!

It's time to get your spending under control!

Mercury and Jupiter are now in their straight course As of October 18-19, your unfinished business will be in order. You can put the conversations you will have with some people on these dates, including the ones you postponed in your head. You will show that you are a supporter of ideas and a man of your word.

On the first days of the week, things will be on track as you wish. In particular, the works that were canceled in the past days will be in order. Certain stages may develop related to your overseas business. You may receive news from distant relatives

You can get together with your old friends!

With the effect of the Full Moon on October 20, you will shift your weight to your status, career and areas where you will earn money. You will not have much difficulty in expressing your demands these days when you will be sure of what you want. You may start to be more inquisitive about bilateral relations and friendships. As the sun enters the water memory on October 23, your sense of fun, social life, skills, children's issues and habits will be on the agenda.

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