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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope (October 18-24).


You have some habits in your life that you want to change

The dates when you started to get rid of your tiredness started…

While getting rid of your fears, you can innovate in your own living spaces. If you're a married Leo, you might be a little jealous of your partner. However, your always skeptical attitude towards people may come to light these days. You can try to research some people around your spouse or lover… Leos who show their appreciation with courage are also supported by their friends.

Your skill side is amazing…

Your skills in the kitchen, language learning, different cultures, new young friends, school environment, and abroad plans will develop with the pioneering influence of Dolunay. After October 23, family, home, certain diseases, new order, neighborhood or house change may be on the agenda.

You will want to have security and stability with the person you care about in your family, but who is challenging in your life. If you are a married or in a relationship Leo, you can make more plans for the future with the person you love. Couples can talk more this week about financial background issues. It is also an ideal cycle for traveling.

Good weeks