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Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Horoscope (October 18-24).


You are going through an important cycle of reinventing yourself.

With Mercury and Jupiter in its straight course, important people are entering your life!

You are just taking steps to do different, more challenging jobs on the first days of the week. The succession of the two planets will indicate career, earnings, savings, family income and attitude.

This process allows you to separate friend from foe. You can resolve the ideas and conflicts that confront you with the people in your family. Your relaxed demeanor makes you you You move more comfortably in your daily life in the middle of the week.

Some relationships are confusing you...

While the Full Moon in the leading sign occurs on October 20, issues that were not clear 14 days ago may come to the agenda again. You will take important steps in money, finance, close relationships, family ties, order and capital. If you are a married Pisces, you will closely follow the developments regarding the spouse family and them these days. The orbit of the Sun in the water sign; It will express the developments to be processed in the marrow for those who want to learn a language, those who want to experience abroad, and those who expect a scholarship.

Good weeks