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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope (October 18-24).


You can make emotional decisions while your heart rules your mind

You're getting new interests!

In the first days of the week, work, production, renewal and change will be at the forefront for you. On October 18, the communication planet Mercury enters the flat course of the ruling planet Jupiter on October 19. Makes you notice your friends and rivals It also allows you to master the events that trigger this process. You re-activate the cleaning you did at the beginning of the year in your work and friends circle You might say it's time to focus on yourself and your plans.

How far is spontaneity…

In particular, you can join different communities or groups in order to make your living space and daily life more productive. On October 20, representing the spirit of the full moon, the sky with fire element can shape its agenda on the following subjects

Sagittarius people who have children may prefer to spend more time with them. You can seek support for those who are having trouble with you because of their habits. You will have certain breakthroughs in matters concerning home, family and living space. Certain stages may occur for Sagittarius signs who do things like education, communication and organization.

Before the weekend comes, the Sun moves into the water sign. This stage will express what you are hiding, your feelings, preoccupation with yourself, acting like an introvert, keeping secrets. You're pretty sociable to only meet people you want You will keep your distance with those who perceive your extrovert attitude differently.

Good weeks