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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope (October 25-31).


You are in a period where you will feel good about intensity, work and responsibilities.

Conditions are changing…

The week will begin with Venus-Uranus communication. You show your close circle that you will not compromise on certain issues. You will be the decisive party in your relationships. You'll be in a passionate, attractive, get-together, keep-it-on direction

Married and in a relationship Aquarius signs will soon arrange their lives according to their wishes. Your head will be clear and you will be frank with some people you just met. Regardless of your circumstances, you can target your business and education career.

Every detail must be perfect…

You can witness many events around you these days when jealousy is at its peak. Such developments may become more frequent as the planet of struggle, Mars, is positioned in its own sign. Career, status, position, your weight in the family will gradually increase

If you have a job position such as organization and management, you are in a process where you can sign jobs that will be discussed. You will be more vigilant in matters concerning your career. You will realize that it is time to show yourself in some of the jobs you abstain from. There may be a period when you need to stay away from unnecessary arguments with your superiors. You can act too fixer these days about your oriental cunning colleague, classmate.

It may be a process where you push yourself forward and your greed takes over. You can act with a sense of duty and complete all your work during the day.