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Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Horoscope (October 25-31).


Overlapping changes will cause you to be in a fast traffic in the flow of life

Your energy is rising…

There are planetary aspects in the influence of the week You will focus on other issues with October 25th. Your thoughts change at the beginning of the week You are involuntarily updating your perspective on relationships. Especially on these dates, you can observe well what the people you meet are doing.

A new field of education, a hobby, an untried sport invites you to other formations.

If you're looking for something to feed your energy and keep you alive these days, you know you shouldn't miss this week. While Venus is regulating her skills and Jupiter is regulating her relationships, different people can be involved in her life.

You are ready to attract attention

On October 30, the planet of struggle enters the water sign memory like you It can shape the individual's view of relationships, humanism, beliefs, values, and popular culture.

You may think that there are great opportunities in foreign-based matters, and it is logical to give up some opportunities for this. If you are an academic Pisces, you can experience the fiercest competition these days. If you come from a traditional, traditional family, you may be more likely to run into them. A good time for those who struggle with legal issues

He points out that he will make the most meaningful decisions of the year while he fires the fight in the water group with the decisive effect of the sky.