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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope (October 25-31).


Transformation in your life will be inevitable

You listen to your surroundings

You will be able to learn about the changes in the goals of the people around you and related to your work. In this period when you are more sensitive about empathy, you start to listen to some people's problems. You may decide that you need to spend more time with people, especially your immediate surroundings. October 28 Venus-Jupiter 60; It indicates that you will come to the fore in the environments you are in, and that you will make a very dynamic and motivated start. You are glamorous, charming, sociable on weekdays

Your heart will be the ruler of your emotions.

Mars will represent you It will form your intuitions, plans, feelings, goodness and new beginnings.

These days, your trips abroad may increase. You can take part in organizations such as conferences and congresses. Famous Scorpio signs, known for their sensitivity to social issues, will want to improve themselves on these issues. You will display sensitive attitudes towards your surroundings. While the circle you communicate with expands; new people, different connections can come into your life Nutrition, sports, adrenaline, love will be your motivation.