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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope (November 1-7).


There will be new opportunities for family, work, education, responsibilities.

The support of the people around you will be good for you.

You are making a confident start to a new week. The New Moon, which is effective on the first days of the week, will occur in the fixed sign. You will be able to act knowing what you want All the problems that can be experienced in self-expression disappear somehow Starting from the middle of the week, you will evaluate family, home, order, new residential areas, practical gains, and topics that you have made a job for yourself.

If you are a Leo with a joint business, matters related to their elders may increase your business. You can start collecting your efforts one by one. Your side that cares and values people will be weighted.

Exaggerated emotions…

Venus influence supports your important initiatives related to education and the areas you will serve in November when you roll up your sleeves to be strong. You will be detailed, meticulous, and have high expectations. There may be those who alienate this approach at work, at school, at home. You have an unexpected performance and you take your disciplined attitude along with your sharp tongue. An effective and productive period for Leo signs working in the public sphere.

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