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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope (November 1-7).


You will need to make on-the-spot decisions for your work that is not in a hurry.

Who can stand in the way of a patient and determined Sagittarius!

The new moon will be effective in the 12th house. Secret, mystery, health, talents, your secret business, your family, your own shelter are under significant influences at this stage. It puts it in a structure that thinks a lot, speaks less and acts in a controlled manner. Known for being practical and quick to act, they may have trouble making quick decisions.

During this time, you may need to be more patient and determined in your love life. If you platonically like someone, you can learn more about them in the process. You may feel weak physically, you may turn to sports branches that activate mental relaxation. Nighttime sleep may be erratic

It sings for the inside, separately for the outside

You will personally manage areas such as spending more time with the family, listening to the advice of elders, and putting the savings in a serious flow. Sagittarius people who have children can be more oppressive to them. In bilateral relations, you can keep your expectations at the highest level. Mercury ignites passions!

You will be more mysterious in bilateral communications this period. If you're a loverless Sagittarius, you may be considering a relationship with someone who is unexpected, even extraordinary, very different from you. You become aware of your competitors at work and in other social areas You can get news from people you forgive and miss

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