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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope (November 8-14).


Don't give up, you have a lot of useful notes this week

Clear developments come to the fore on matters that bother you

In the first days of the week, the agenda is still challenging you. You can find activities that will keep you active in your daily life. But you may have more of an impact on the people you meet this week than you expected. Especially this period, you should pay attention to high expenses and personal curiosities. November 10 Mercury-Mars conjunction will represent fixed signs You are in a special period for learning, innovation, home order, conditions, efforts and savings.

You will stay away from spending that will force your budget, you will warn your household Consequences may occur with a family heritage land Employees in the family may change the sector The health and peace of those older than you will be on you.

Uncertainties in your relationships with your friends are coming to an end

You have a nature that attaches great importance to the formation of mutual trust in your relationships in all areas of your life. However, you may think that you have not received the same trust from the other party, especially in the last months, from the social environment. You may be a little upset about some issues related to your circle of friends. After the 13th of this week, you will clearly notice people acting hypocritically as this process ends. Leo signs that break what they hold will be in the foreground You will learn the reason for the disconnected communications with some people.

Attention Today: 12 November