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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly Horoscope (November 8-14).


You never let your feelings get in the way of some facts

Responsibilities cannot be neglected this period.

It will be important to watch and dominate areas that are scattered, intense, and that interest everyone. If you are a Taurus who is still studying, you will know that you should not get yourself other jobs during the exam period. You may conflict with your friends because of a project You'll start hiding your ideas Minor accidents will express the other intensity of these days in misunderstood messages

You have a hard time controlling your reactions!

The first days of the week, you may have a hard time reining in your emotions. Conjunction in the opposite sign on November 10, you will try to illuminate the complicated issues since the beginning of the year. You will want to highlight the issues that progress in the vicious circle. Especially with the people you love, as soon as they happen in this cycle, you may face problems and react very harshly.

Married Taurus, in particular, can be impulsive to abandon their work or individual efforts. Ex lovers, old friends may suddenly want to be included in your life. You're checking your memory, these days Mercury-Uranus opposition on November 13 You will get the answers to the questions you have been waiting for months. Those who have a relationship with someone at the same workplace will be more attentive

Attention Today: 13 November