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Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Horoscope (November 15-21).


A period when you will take very sharp corners

Patience is strained

Disruptions in communication have an impact on your private life, and your loved ones' priorities can strain your patience. You may lose your mind, you may experience forgetfulness Get ready for theseā€¦ A month with integrity begins Projects such as traveling, sudden developments and changing cities may occur. If you're also an educated Cancer, you're in a dilemma about your options. This cycle of the sky determines monetization areas this week You will be able to regain the opportunities you have been waiting for so long

The days when you will say "I haven't been this relaxed in a long time" are at the door!

The rest of the week is under the influence of the eclipse The lunar eclipse will occur at the fixed earth sign You want to tidy up the general confusion of your last days You can go back to your disrupted daily routine, your sleep You're shelving all that's in the past and who's causing you pain

If you are in a relationship or married Cancer; After this week, you can focus on your own work and career. Cancers whose career or education is incomplete will be encouraged. You will discuss the problems and those responsible. You are genuine and assertive in works such as charities, foundations or associations.

Watch out for these days!

November 19, your communication with foreign cultures will increase