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Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Gemini Weekly Horoscope (November 15-21).


You want time to flow faster during this period

You may have difficulty communicating with those around you.

A period begins in which important developments will occur in family life, family members and especially women at home. Mother or mother's relatives have health problems and you may need to run for them. You also need to pay attention to your own health during this period. On Wednesday, you may experience adaptation problems. You can expect people to understand you Especially in your business circle, you will see prominent names as your competitors.

May leave your feelings rebellious, seeking your peace

The moon is on the eclipse axis on November 19 today. It will occur at the constant of the earth sign Your secrets, your mysterious attitude, will mean self-focus, recovery and recovery. You can achieve success in organizing and creating a team. Social awareness will be high Last minute work won't bore you Those in a relationship will be more meticulous than ever

Relationships or marriages that started in the summer will come to the fore for different reasons. Efforts will be made for escapes, spiritual calmness, and the search for peace to pass to the other side. You are in a very important period in creativity. Small emotional outbursts of jealousy can occur If you're a Gemini who's divorced or ended an existing relationship, you're ending all details about this person.

Watch out for these days!

November 19 you know you're on your own