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Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Horoscope (November 15-21).


The sound of your heart that you keep suppressing is starting to get louder

Put your heart aside Listen to your mind!

A week begins for you in which details gain depth and there is a purpose behind every action, even if it seems enjoyable. As the moon forms in the fire sign, you will see your priorities begin to change. Especially these effects begin in the first half of the week. It can encourage you to expand your earnings or even take your relationship one step further. Past accounts and opportunities can improve their financial

Now is the time to speak the unspoken!

The lunar eclipse will determine communication on its agenda Reactions to each other may increase against your frequent contacts, and you may find it difficult to maintain peace. In order not to experience a week where it can be difficult to cooperate, you should not avoid thinking rationally. You are also entering a period where your instincts are getting stronger. On the one hand, you may encounter surprise visits and offers.

In the invitations you will attend, you will focus more on developments related to people's lives. Pisces signs who are educated or working in communication, media, marketing, technical subjects will be able to expand their opportunities. The curious, researching, learning side is fed in this period. This period may disturb someone on the detailist side.

Watch out for these days!

November 19 is a good day for a job interview