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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly Horoscope (November 15-21).


How much can one escape from one's own truth, dear Taurus?

The information you get these days surprises you

Since the first days of November, the sky seems to form a ring around it. What you heard, witnessed, expressed and supported comes to your life one after the other. This week, the agenda is determined by the fire effect of the Moon. The secret, the mystery, the inner depth, the petty checks, the diseases, the people you support will be on your agenda. You will wait for the final move for some people and events.

The rest of the week is all about you!

You can approach the speakers with sensitivity. You can personalize criticism too much and display a touchy attitude. On November 19, the Moon will be kept in the sign. Now is the time to watch and manage opportunities We can say that it is the period of self-development, completing his education, conveying his words, polishing his individual achievements. It's close on the days when you can get rid of the tension and get your mood and mind together, don't worry.

You can easily handle your daily responsibilities and small chores. You can reconcile long strained family relationships. Conflicts of opinion, especially with the women in your family, may end. You will try to be open to criticism You may see a client to suppress sudden outbursts of anger.  Now is the time to say "Okay or continue"...

Watch out for these days!

You have to let everyone see your 17th November talent

Bring the health issues back to the agenda on November 19th...