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Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Weekly Horoscope (November 15-21 ).


You find the courage to examine yourself, your essence, your past.

There are things that confuse you these days.

The sky is still active on the most glorious days of November The first days of the week, you are in a special situation to finish your past work and focus on yourself. In these days when you will be attentive and careful, you will take time for yourself. You will meet your old friends You will take care of yourself more You can consult your elders to make important decisions in your home and order.

You will set the agenda.

November 19, you're picking up the moodiness inside While the moon is in the earth sign, it will be at the center of cultures, education, science, science, justice, rights, foreign issues, people with different visions. You can be cruel to those who corner you for your plans that you haven't realized since the beginning of this month. Those who have experienced major break-ups with their partners will seek refuge in spiritual justice.

The case, the uncertainties in legal matters will begin to become clear Things you never thought of, dialogues with different cultures can develop There may be permanent and sudden developments regarding your relatives living abroad. It can be a trip to distant countries or cities

Watch out for these days!

Beware of secret hostilities on November 17

On November 19, your friends will count on you!

Good weeks .